House Elves

These are the Elves that are at our workshop with a brief description


Fireball: The oldest of our group just hangs with other in front of the fireplace and chats wen he wants attention

Halo: The Queen of the group what she says goes at least in her ageing mind as long as she has any say about it.

Snowball: Hang out between a couple different rooms but he often keeps to himself.

Hammond: (Little Boy -Bumble) only a few teeth in his head but his voice can be heard throughout the shop.

Brasile: Loves to keep Mrs. Claus on her toes on what she wants to eat on that day.

MAMA: She helps with the little ones making sure they get Baths and lots of attention knowing they are loved, and they have nothing to fear from her. She has not a tooth in her loving head.

Gracie: Always running around and arguing with the other girls even missing one arm they are no match for her opinion.

Sky: Makes sure Gracie doesn't get in trouble came to the shop at the same time Gracie did.

Permithious: Quiet and refined stays out of everyone's way and is non judgemental.

Nisha: always arguing with Gracie as to how is right about what ever happens to be going on at that time.

Delilia: Quiet refined above petty bickering I'm going to go lay down and get some rest.

Wren: Just wants one job to do and does it so well very Quiet but when she speaks sounds like a bird.

Bam Bam: Is very opinionated and all the others agree just to have him go away.

Peek-a-Boo: Loves to play and enjoys to company of local wildlife.

Rose: Quiet and well seasoned no one second guesses her Even Bam Bam leaves her alone.

Tansy: Quick to start and full of energy  at a moments notice. Goes from stop to full speed in a blink of an eye.

Luke: The youth of the group to young to ask why rather just find out on his own and have a good time playing while doing it.

Smokey: Small in size but big in his own mind enjoys just hopping around the area.

Copper: Older Gent no one questions him much has a good right hook for swinging hammers.

Cassandra: Mother of  Tabatha brought up her daughter well to always listen to Mom.

Tabatha: Large in stature actually took over Halo's position but left her deal with the issues.

Tucker & Andy: Brothers from other mothers inseparable and very hard workers.

Yin: Yin Yells but softly just wants her voice heard.                       

Emilia: Largest of the ladies but just from big bones. Doesn't argue with anyone just does her job.

Jose: Hard worker and very fast gets things completed as the need to be.

Trilby: Laid back " Things will get done just don't stress man."   


Yoko: Quiet respectful and very hard worker wants no one to notice her.

Bonita: Does what she sets her mind to. give her a job and it's done.

Phillip: Biggest of the guys strolls in does work strolls away no one questions.

Matty: Quiet, Shy, Silent, gets in and out perfect for not being observed.


Eddie: solitude in nature and always looking for the best things to eat.

Cocoa: Peek-a-boo's new closest friend they share everything.