Started working with animals since I was a young boy grew up in the woodlands and railroad tracks  of Indiana. After that I joined the Military and worked with K-9s, upon leaving that part of my life I got into Bathing 15-25 dogs and cats a day at Sissie's Pet Salon in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

I later went on to work at Ft. Wayne Animal Care and Control and became an Officer for several years.

My loving wife and I moved to Arizona in 2000 where her mother was and she nurtured her during her later years. During that time my wife started volunteering to sick injured and baby animals. Over the last Several years we have nurtured over 500 critters of various breeds and sizes back to health.

It was during part of this time the Red Suit came calling to me in 2005...

Every year since I have found the smiles of children and adults alike to be beneficial to my heart and health and look forward to continuing it into my future years.

Hope to see you out there and remember.. The critters are my best way to get information on how good you have truly been.

They carry more information than the internet.

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